Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Huntfun Review

Do you love treasure hunts?

We do and this is where Huntfun come in.  huntfun town and city treasure hunts are a great fun way to explore in your own town or when visiting somewhere new. Suitable for children and adults alike, there treasure hunts will have you walking around the streets hunting out information and finding the answers to the clues seeing so many things you would have ordinarily walked straight past! A huntfun treasure hunt takes you past loads of interesting things getting you looking around the area, having some good old fashioned competitive fun in the fresh air for a few hours! 

We  had the opportunity to review a personalised hunfun treasure hunt of our local town and it was brilliant.  It really turn a walk round the local town in to an adventure and the boys were so enthusiastic about it.  So much so they have done it another two times!

A treasure hunt would be the perfect addition to a holiday this year.  We really fancy doing one the next time we are in London.  

I love the fact that it makes a walk such fun.  You learn so much about the area you are exploring.

The hunt we did, took one hour, partly as the boys were running rather than walking.

What I also really liked was the fact tat is also included information for people in wheelchairs, which makes it an all inclusive family activity.

Huntfun treasure hunts start from £4.99

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