Thursday, 28 June 2012

McCain Smiles Mums' Book Club - top tips for reading with your children

I am a firm believer in encouraging children to read.  I love reading and my children often see me with a book in my hand.  We have been exceptionally lucky in the fact that Maxi is a very good, albeit reluctant reader and Mini, well he is never without a book.

Mini was an early reader, but  his favorites books were the Early Reader Classics by Ladybird.  So when I was asked if I would like to publicize the McCain Smiles Ladybird book giveaway, I was delighted too.

Even more so when they said I could host a giveaway of a full set of 6 books for one of my readers too.

I have talked about encouraging boys to read before and in order to enter, I would like you to leave me a comment with a tip for encouraging your child to read.

I will pick one comment using a random number generator next Friday 6 July at 12 noon and you will receive a full set of books.

Disclosure: I have received no compensation of any sort for this post


  1. Make sure that they see you reading for pleasure! @jenniferjain

  2. Plenty of exposure to books and also using books as the basis for other activities like crafts or outdoor games too. Helps to make kids see that books are not just two dimensional.


  3. A bed time story is so important! My kids love reading because we've read to them since they were born.

  4. Lead by example! By letting your children see you and daddy read for pleasure it sends a great message of how enjoyable reading can be.

  5. Make it fun with silly voices and noises, and let them join in with any repeating bits themselves.

  6. We always read to our boys before bed time. Sometimes it seems like the only 10 minutes of quiet we have all day! It's nice to be able to share quality time together

  7. Go to the library and help your child choose a wide variety of books, show them books can help you learn and laugh. Let them hear audio books whilst you drive, let them hear you read, encourage to write their own stories and make their own books. Read them stories you loved as child. Let them see you read and delight in reading. Read the books they read so you can chat about them. Encourage them to swap books with freinds. Visit chaity shoiops for books too.

  8. Read everywhere - in the supermarket (eg cereal packs) on bus sides etc - read stories to them and with them and leave little notes on post its for them to read - starting with pictures eg I heart you and a x..........have fun, fun and more fun! so lovely reading all these positive comments too


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