Friday, 20 April 2012

Free Holiday Puzzle Pack from Netflights and Games for travelling

Maxi loves puzzles. He has a really analytical mind and loves crosswords, word searches, mazes and suduo.  He will quite happily sit for hours with puzzle books and is faster than me at most of them.

Mini is going the same way too and we have lots of fun as a family playing word games and they both have puzzel books in the car.
So when Netflights told me that they had a new free summer holiday puzzle pack on their site, I thought it would be a perfect thing to tell you all about.

Games for travelling

  • Eye Spy
  • I don't spy 
  • Who am I? - We pretend to be a person eg Doctor and the others ask us questions and we answer them without saying what we are. 
  • What animal am I?
  • Find 30 green things or other colours
  • Think of a number
  • Bake a yukky cake. When I bake a cake I use ..... then add an ingredient, everyone adds a new ingredient and says the previous ones, until someone forgets.
  • Impressions
  • Funny faces, we pull funny faces and the first one to laugh at the loses
  • Look for letters. Pick a word eg house and then you have to find something that begins with each o f the letters
  • Yes and No. You have to answer questions without saying yes or no.
  • Rhyming Lines.  One person says a line and the next person has to make something up to rhyme with it and so on
  • Sitting statues (my favorite)!

I would love to know what games you play when travelling.

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  1. I love word games especially when all the big family gether up for christmas..


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