Monday, 26 March 2012

Value rather than price

One of the things as a mum on a budget that I really struggle with is buying the best for my boys.  I have to thing in terms of value rather than just cost.  I have learnt over the years that sometimes buying cheep means that I have to replace things more often and end up spending a lot more than I would have if I just got the more expensive item in the first place.

It has often been a hard lesson, do you go with cost and how do you work out is something is value for money.  One of the ways I try and do this is to work out a cost per use or a cost per hour of use.  Sometimes though my heart just over rules my head.  i would prefer to drink less tea than drink cheap tea.  I also would often rather wait to save up and but the thing I really want.  There is something about the anticipation of getting exactly what you want and being happy to wait for it.

Bedding is one of those things.

I have learnt over the years not to scrimp on bedding.  I make sure I buy the best I can afford and both the boys have memory foam pillows, but in the traditional pillow shape.  The Bedding Company in partnership with Silentnight have a good selection.  of them at great value too.  I chose memory foam as Maxi suffers with a chest condition and this was what was recommended by his Consultant.  Silentnight – The Bedding Company have a superb range of choice, so there is a pillow to suit every need.

The benefits of memory foam over feather pillows:

  • Memory foam has small cells filled with air that means that the foam cells collapse when pressure is increased creating a depression where the head is, also is is temperature sensitive, which means if wicks away the heat of the user.
  • It is thought that memory foam allows the  neck and throat to assume a more natural position increasing the airflow and help reduce snoring, although this isn't proven.
  • Memory foam has a high resistance to bed bugs and is thought to be better for asthma sufferers. 

For me a good nights sleep is one of the most important parts of bring up a child.  If my boys are well rested then they are happier and more contented and that is something that I can not put a price on.

What is the one thing that you refuse to buy cheaply?

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  1. Memory foam pillows are very comfortable to sleep in. My brother's disease called sexsomnia has lessened a bit when he used a memory pillow.


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