Friday, 23 March 2012

My Spring Financial Manifesto

On my other site  The Mad House I do a seasonal manifesto and I also did a financial winter manifesto this year, so wanted to let you know how I have been getting on.

I have actually done pretty well.  Meal planning is still going strong, as is the cooking.  On the reducing kitchen waste, well I have been reviewing a product called Kitchen Canny and I am really impressed.  Decluttering started at a fast pace, but has petered off, so I  need to get back on with that.  The garden is going great guns and we bought a small greenhouse to help with the seeds.

Now on to my plans for Spring
  1. Get those seeds planted and potato sets in my raised beds and greenhouse
  2. Go to the park after school and take snacks for the boys, so that we do not buy treats at the shop
  3. Walk more places rather than take the car (I am more inclined to so this when the weather is good)
  4. Make Easter cards and presents rather than buy any
  5. Instead of buying cut flowers, buy small pots of bulbs, so that I can replant them in the garden
  6. Freeze any leftovers for my lunches
I would love any tips you have on small changes that can help make a difference in saving money.

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  1. If I may add to this wonderful list you got about financial "liberation" as my wife would put it, you can take advantage of the season to plant what you think would be apt for the next season. Say veggies on spring so you have those supplied for fall and lemons and herbs during fall for the winter chill season. The works!


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