Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Home Made Easter Cards

There is nothing nicer than receiving a home made card any time of the year and I think that it is perfect when the card can be made by your child. 

So I am going to show you three very simple Easter cards that are suitable for children from toddler up over.

The first is super easy for tiny tots.  The chicks body is made by potato printing with yellow paint.  Just cut the potato in half.  Then a small triangle of card for the beak and a feather for the tail.  A simple dot for the eye.

The next is perfect for a child that has moved on to scissors.  A bird shape is cut out of yellow paper and stuck to the card,  Apply googly eyes, an orange beak, feathers and draw on some legs and you have a lovely card.

Most children adore gluing and sticking, so this is a really easy card.  Simply cut out a curve on the card or get your child to and take some feathers, googly eyes and foam triangles and you have the perfect chic.


  1. Haha - Susan - that's exactly what I was going to say. They really are incredibly cute!

  2. Cute is good, but is it also a another word for a bit crap!

  3. Great post, I found you on Pinterest, and my 3yo and I made some Easter cards today!

    Blogged about it here

    Thanks for sharing !


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