Monday, 12 March 2012

Getting and keeping my laminate floors clean - Part Two

I mentioned in part one, how I use the Morphy Richards Supervac to keep my ground floor clear of dust and debris.  Now we need to move on to getting it and keeping it clean.  Over the years I must have purchased every type of mop or cleaner and finally I have found what works for me.  

I used to use a mop that was discontinued and I cried a thousand tears, but thanks to the local people who look after the PR for Vileda, I have finally found the perfect system for me.  The Vileda 1.2 Spray Mop and Vileda Ultramax Bucket and Wringer.  The Vileda 1.2 Spray Mop has controlled water release making it ideal for wooden, laminate, marble and vinyl floor and the Vileda UltraMax bucket and wringer is designed specifically for flat mops.

  • Unique hollow handle can be filled with cleaning solution and then sprayed directly onto the floor
  • Microfibre pad removes greasy stains, dust and marks
  • Pivoted handle designed for cleaning under furniture
  • Push buttons for easier opening and closing
  • Adjust the length of the telescopic handle for your comfort
  • Use for wet or dry cleaning
  • Machine-washable mop head
  • Use with UltraMax bucket for an optimum clean
I use the system with the bucket when I need to clean the whole floor and with the spray system between to spot clean and to tackle any spills.  It is safe to say that when you find the right system for you, it makes cleaning the floor so much easier.

Product wise, I use Ecover Floor Soap.  I made a decision when the boys were small that I didn't want to use harsh chemicals in my house, especially with two toddlers and a cat.  I make this up in a bucket with very hot water and use it to clean the whole floor.

Secondly I use Method Squirt and Mop, this is brilliant for between main cleans and for spot cleaning.  I also use it in the Vileda 1.2 Spray System, as you do not have to rinse it off.

Finally after all these years I have found the right products for cleaning my laminate floors and it makes it so much less of a chore.  it doesn't mean the cleaning is fun, but it does mean I do not put it off all the time.

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  1. I wonder if there is any way I can have my floors be matt-laminated as well. The dog pee just keeps peeling off the wood laminate. Thanks in advance. I had fun reading your tips here.


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