Friday, 30 March 2012

Gardening with Children and a giveaway

Do you garden with your children?  We do, even though we have a pretty small garden.  MadDad built three raised beds when we first moved in and it has been one of the best things he ever did.

My boys get very excited when they get to eat something we have grown and it is just wonderful watching them and seeing the anticipation on their face.  One of the things that really bothers me about gardening with them in a small space is that we never use up all our seeds.

What is great is at the moment until the end of April, every box of Innocent kids’ smoothies or fruit tubes will come with its very own pack of easy to grow seeds. There are six different varieties to collect including carrots, tomatoes, cress, basil, violets and sunflowers.

The ingenious thing is you just pop out the card and the seeds are integrated in to the card. 

This week has been the perfect sunny week for planting and me and the boys have had so much fun getting things started.  If you are looking for more tips and ideas for gardening with children, then visit Chris at Climbing Rainbows


The fab folks at Fruit Towers (the home of Innocent) have a little gardening set to give to one reader.  All you need do is leave me a comment, guessing where the wellies in the above picture are in my house or garden.

I will pick one name randomly in a weeks time.


  1. There is something so rewarding about gardening with children and eating what you grow! These seeds from Innocent are a very good idea, I hope it gets lots of people grubbing away! Thanks for linking to us!

  2. They are in your garden.

    Piran loves gardening and would love to win a gardening set of his own.

  3. on a table on your patio?!

  4. I woul dalso say on a table in your garden. They look fab by the way!

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  6. I think they are outside on your lovely decked patio.

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