Saturday, 17 March 2012

Free tea with Twinings and win a tea cup candle

I am something of a tea monster, I adore tea.  I also like trying out new teas, but often find out the hard way that they smell nicer than they taste and then have a box of tea that sits in the cupboard until I put it in the compost bin.

Currently if you go to Twinings Facebook page, you can choose to receive 2 free tea samples.

You can also find lots of tea inspired facts and information on the website and even better lots of competitions too.  Twinings are currently encouraging people to take 10 minutes to relax, refresh and recharge with a nice cup of tea.  You can also buy tea online from Twinings, I especially keen to try Twinings Royal Wedding Blend Tea

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.  ~Bernard-Paul Heroux 

I also have an unhealthy love for tea cups and make my own tea cup candles and would like to give one away.  So if you fancy winning one of my teacup candles.  Just leave me a comment letting me know your favorite place to drink tea.

I have gone to town on the tea theme this weekend and blogged about my my top Mothers Day Tea gifts on The Mad House and at Frugaliscious about Earl Grey tea cupcakes.

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  1. A pot of tea at my local Cafe! Usually accompanied with a piece of homemade cake. Perfect!!


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