Thursday, 9 February 2012

Guest Post - 5 Whacky Ways to Save Money in January

How many of us have set the same New Years money saving resolutions each year, only to see them broken come the end of January? Well I know I have. So, with this in mind, I have created 5 whacky ways to save money this year that you will stick to. Have a read and enjoy! 

Dinner in the dark? 

 In the evening, we spend the most amount of money on energy lighting our homes. With this in mind I have created a unique way of saving money that involves the whole family. Once a week, my daughters and I eat a family meal together by candle light. Do the same and share a cosy dinner together with your little ones. You could even entertain them with a shadow puppets show! 

Fancy a Wind Turbine? 

Did you know that you can power your house using natural wind? Wind energy can save you a small fortune in energy bills and in certain areas of the UK you will not be charged any tax if you choose to install one. 

Cool off with a cold shower 

I know it’s January and extremely cold, but taking a cold shower will save you money on your utility bill as electricity is needed to warm up the water. With this in mind, why not make a small saving by choosing a cold shower once a week? 

Say no to gadgets! 

Years ago people didn’t use iPhones or digital toasters. Why not return to basics and cut back on your gadgetry. I did this and saved myself nearly £60 on my utility bills. Give it a few months and you will forget you ever owned an electronic blender.

Bulk Buy 

Whenever I need to repair the home or have some work done to my property, I always try and get the materials online. There are some great savings out there for you and the family. I recently needed to sound proof my husband’s work office but the quote given to me from a builder was unbelievably expensive. Instead, I went online and purchased some acoustic foam and soundproofed the walls myself. Similar in material to packaging foam the fabric did a great job and at a fraction of the price quoted to us by a local builder. Go online and buy your materials in bulk. You’ll make some unbelievable savings for you and the family. 

Did you like my tips? Do you have any of your own you can share?

This is a guest post by Hillary Thomas

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  1. Can't say i'll be taking any cold showers as I hate being cold, need my hot water! I will however try out the dinner idea, what a change that would be!


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