Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Recycling bags

Our local authority has started to charge for the clear sacks that we have to use to put our plastic and card recycling in to and being the thrifty mum I am, I have come up with another solution.

At least twice a week one of those charity plastic bags is put through my letterbox.  I do give to charity but tend to give to the church shop in the village I live in so do not use these bags.

Well I have started to save them and use them for all our recycling.  After speaking to the refuge collection guys last week to confirm that they would take it and they agreed that they would.  The only bags they do not take for recycling are black sacks with things in.


  1. I use ours for refuse, I turn them inside out to avoid confusion!

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  3. That is a good idea. This plastic bags should be used properly so that they could be used for several times. They must also be disposed properly so they won't contribute to our world's garbage problem. environmental services

  4. These recycling bags would not only help us be aware of our environment but it would also benefit other people if we would follow its message to donate to those who are in need. I have been in some social care training that made me realize certain things which actual practices of good deeds would help me become a better person.


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