Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Snowman Soup

Each Christmas we give the boys teachers a small gift (we tend to do it now rather than at the end of the summer) and this year we made Reindeer Thumbprint Mugs and Ornaments. We decided that we were going to fill the mugs with Snowman Soup.


Hot chocolate
Mini Marshmallows
Cellophane Bags

I spent £1 on the hot chocolate, the same on the candy canes and 80p on the mini marshmallows and I got 7 bags of snowman soup out of them.  The bags were 50p each.


  1. they look brilliant, and I bet they are well appreciated after all the boxes of chocolates and tins of roses that they get!! well done :)

  2. oh you have some great ideas ! Well done :D

    Mummy on the Edge

  3. Fabulous, again! Love this blog. I'm giving you the Leibster award. Please stop by and see what it's about: apennysaver.blogspot.com Congrats! Penny.

  4. These are a great idea- I do mine in cellophane cone shaped bags, with the ingredients in layers to see. They always are very well received and very cheap to make! :)


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