Saturday, 19 November 2011

Way's to make trousers last longer

This great post about turning worn out jeans in to a skirt by Slugs in the refrigerator, really inspired me to look at way to make clothes last longer. We used to be a throw it away family, but now we are make do and mend.

  1. Turn the trousers in to shorts - this is perfect for school trousers that are too short in the leg.  You do not even need to have sewing skills you can use wonderweb.
  2. Patch any holes.  Again you can use any old material you have lying around or of you are not a sewer then why not try iron on patches like clothes plasters.
  3. Have a swapping party.  Get together with other mums and swap your outgrown clothes.
  4. Sell them.  If they are in good condition, but outgrown, then pop them on e-bay and use the money to buy new to you ones.

I would love your ideas for others ways to make clothes last longer.


  1. My mum taught me to 'spot clean' with baby wipes. They are amazing. If a pair of trousers or a uniform pinafore had some dirt or stain that wasn't too large, you take a regular baby wipe and dab it over the stain until it disappears. And it dries without marks. I use this on my daughters dark blue pinafore and my son's trousers/jeans all the time. That way I don't have to keep washing them over and over making them washed out and faded.

  2. Good ideas there, and totally agree with Penny Saver. Frequent washing ruins clothes, so as soon as the kids take their uniforms off I give the clothes a tickle with a baby wipe to spruce them up for the next day.


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