Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Make Childrens summer clothes last longer

Just because the weather has changed doesn't mean that you  need to put your childrens summer clothes away, especially as most children will have grown out of them by the time the weather changes for them to be able to wear them again..  It is all about layers.

BG (From New Mummy's Tips) rocking her summer clothes this autumn

  • Layer shorts and short skits over leggings and tights
  • You can add a long sleeved T shirt and tights under dresses
  • Wear vests under tops
  • Add a plain long sleeved t shirt under a short sleeved one
  • Add long sleeved tops under short sleeved shirts
  • Wear leggings under trousers when the weather gets cold
  • Make sure any roll up trousers are warn unrolled
  • When my boys were small I used to add long sleeved all in ones (the ones with poppers) under their tops
  • Use t shirts for pj tops  
I would love to hear your ideas for getting the most wear out of your childrens clothes


  1. I definitely do layers - I like long-sleeved vests under t-shirts to make sure they get lots of wear out of their lovely summer tops.

    My eldest wears short pyjamas in the summer and this year he wore age 4-5 ones, despite being in 2-3 or 18-24 months for everything else - it doesn't matter if they're baggy and he can wear them next year (and the year after!) too.

  2. This year I shortened and hemmed all my youngest son's linen trousers from last year. His waist had hardly got any bigger but he had grown taller. He now has 3 lovely pairs of 3/4 length linen shorts


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