Thursday, 24 July 2014

10 ways to encourage Kids to Save - A new generation of Savers

66% of 18-24 year olds are saving regularly each month.  This is fantastic new to me.  I was part of the credit generation and learned the hard way that saving was important.

On average they save just over £200 per month according to the Disposable Income Index, a report commissioned by Scottish Friendly (follow Scottish Friendly on twitter)

This got me thinking about ways to encourage my kids to become savers too and ways to encourage your kids to save.

  1. Make it visual.  This is why saving pennies in a jam jar or glass bottle is so effective.  Or have a savings chart with stars and stickers.  Children can see how much they are saving and it makes them want to save more. 
  2. Set a good example - talk about saving and how you save up and plan for important purchases.
  3. Incentivise it - Pay them interest on their savings or offer bonus when they reach a certain stage.
  4. Set a goal - give them something achievable to focus on.  This will obviously vary from child to child.
  5. Take it out of their hands.  My boys only get half of their pocket money in their hands, the rest goes straight into the bank. 
  6. Open a bank account with them and actively use it.  Make sure it is a book account, so they have to go in to a branch to pay in and take out their money.  This way they have to plan spending within banks timescales and again learn that spending is not about instant gratification.
  7. Save smaller denominations to demonstrate how every penny counts.  The boys both have a large vodka bottle that they fill with pennies and once a year they exchange it for holiday spending money.  It really adds up and Mini is always on the lookout for peoples dropped coins when we are out and about.
  8. Teach your children that buying an experience (ie a trip to  a theme park) brings much more happiness than a products (such as an ice cream).  Saving for the experience may take longer or be harder, but it makes memories and makes the experiences so much better
  9. Teach them the value of money, by using money as a maths tool.
  10. Work out how much they need to save each week to buy a special something before a certain date, and then they can see that they have some money left, but they also get buy their big item. It’s just small scale practice for when they’re adults wanting a car, house or holiday 
I would love to hear your tips for encouraging saving in children.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Handmade Happy - A free Digital Magazine for summer

Today I am sharing with you another free digital magazine, Handmade Happy.

Handmade Happy is filled with fantastic ideas to fill your summer with crafts and joy, including how to's and a super craft room tour (I love craft room tours)!

It is filled with easy makes, inspiration images and some fantastic ideas.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Kids go free with CBeebies Magazine #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree

The Kids go free offer with CBeebies Magazine is perfect timing for the summer holidays.  

It is a great offer and when you buy a CBeebies Magazine for £2.99 per issue parents can bring two kids for free to some of the countries’ best venues.

Every issue of CBeebies Magazine from the 16th July (current issue, which is out now) until the 7th October will come with two vouchers for kids to go free to a different attraction every issue with some of the most popular kids’ attractions in the country including Legoland, Chessington World of Adventures and Sealife.

The full details are:

Issue 409 (16th July) - Sealife Centres and Seal sanctuaries – Save £39 (£19.50 per ticket)
Issue 410 (30th July) - Chessington World of Adventures – Save £68 (£34 per ticket)
Issue 411 (13th Aug) – Alton Towers Resort inc. CBeebies Land – Save £86.40 (£43.20 per ticket)
Issue 412 (27th Aug) - Warwick Castle – Save £39.60 (£19.80 per ticket)
Issue 413 (10th Sept) - Legoland and Legoland Discovery Centre – Save £82.80 (£41.40 per ticket)
Issue 414 (24th Sept) – Sealife Centres and Seal sanctuaries – Save £39 (£19.50 per ticket)

When the boys were smaller CBeebies was the one magazine that we always purchased in fact we had an annual subscription for it.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monochrome at ASDA

I took this picture of Maxi last week (yes he is wearing a hat in the middle of summer) and so many people complimented and commented on his bedding that I wanted to share it with you.  More so as it is such good value.  

Monochrome at ASDA

Monday, 14 July 2014

Free family activities over the summer

Coca cola are kicking off the summer with free events at over 70 parks in the UK.

They have teamed up with councils in Newcastle, Birmingham and the London Borough of Newham to free offer activities that range from Tai chi to Rounders and Zumba to Table Tennis.

I really do wish I lived closer to one of the areas as they arer are running a jam-packed programme called Coca Cola Zero Park Lives throughout the summer of free outdoor activities in the local parks.   They want to encourage people to have a laugh, play their favourite games and try something new. 

So bring the family, bring friends, bring the neighbours – and join the fun with Coca Cola Park Lives 

This is not a sponsored post, I just thought that it was a great way to do free stuff over the summer! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Encouraging kindness in children

My mum always told me "to be kinder than I needed to be" and this is something that I have lived by all these years.

When thinking about which was our favorite quote for the #HeinzPastaQuotes competition with @tots100 we decided to share this one, which is from from Aesop's Fables, specifically The Lion and The mouse by Aesop.

I want my children to be kind, to put others first and to always be kinder than necessary and I have been wondering how to encourage them to always be kind.

Show them - I hope by always demonstrating kindness when I can that they are learning by example.
Recognise their kindness - Give them praise when they are kind
Encourage them - help them be kind by providing suggestions of ways they could be kind
Discuss kindness - talk about ways that you can be kind as a family and random acts of kindness

How do you encourage kindness in your children? 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Family Film Night on a Budget

We love family film nights.  They are fun to organise at home and pretty inexpensive.  We go all out and have popcorn, tickets and make a real night of it.

We tend to buy DVD's or Blurays as we can rewatch them and we share them with family and friends.  Make sure you have popcorn, hotdogs and drinks and straws for a fab, frugal family film night.

Make your own popcorn boxes.

This are great and stop fighting over a large bowl or bag of popcorn.

Hand out tickets for movie night

Having tickets makes the night a real event.  Plus you could award them as a reward for good behaviour

Free movie night printables

Why not make movie night a party and use these fab free printables for invites and for the food table too.

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